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What is CSOM?

C.S.O.M. stands for Calvary School of Ministry.

Calvary School of Ministry is a Calvary-Operated program that gives individuals the opportunity for an affordable and practical way to pursue the educational requirements for credentialing, it is also for those who would like to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and for those who would like more understanding in specific areas of ministry. CSOM gives you the freedom to have an at-home study and at the end of the course, come together with fellow students for a day of learning and community.

How much are the courses?

There is a one time application fee to Global University of $30 and $95/per course.

How many courses are there in total?

There are three levels with 10 courses per level
Each course is approximately 4 weeks long

Level 1: Certified
Level 2: Licensed
Level 3: Ordained

What should I expect if I take this course?

After signing up and receiving your curriculum, you will be able to start studying from home. The classes are each approximately 4 weeks long and at the end of the course, there is an all-day session filled with review, fellowship, teaching and testing.

How do I sign up for classes?

(Add File with Steps for application to Global + with link)
(Add Steps to Sign up for a course)

Where can I find the Release Form for Berean/Global?

Download: Application Instructions

Download: Release Form

What are CSOM Saturdays?

CSOM Saturdays are what we refer to as our face-to-face class days. This is our scheduled time at the end of each class where all students come together for review and fellowship, teaching and the final exam of the current course. It is all day from 8:30am-4pm.

Where are the classes located?

The first 4 weeks of the course is a self-guided, home study.
At the end of each course, CSOM Saturdays will be held at Elkhart Calvary from 8:30-4pm

What if I missed the deadline for the current course?

Students cannot be added to a class after the registration has been closed but if you missed the deadline, there is no need to panic. You can apply online, prepare your documents and take the following class. Just remember, students must complete all lower class levels before proceeding to the next level.

Can I audit a course?

Anyone can audit a current course for $30 by contacting
Auditing does not permit testing or grant student recognition. You may be given curriculum to use during CSOM Saturday but it is not guaranteed. Auditors will be dismissed before the final exam, any curriculum given before class will need to be handed to the instructor upon departure.

Are there any family discounts if I am taking the course with a relative?

Although we love that you are doing this with your family, we are unable to offer a family discount due to Global University Policies and each student needing to have their own ID numbers.

How long is the school year?

Our Study Group schedule varies but you can expect to see a break around Easter and Christmas (Starting in 2024)

What are my next steps after completing the courses?

Individuals who complete these courses that wish to be credentialed through the district must go through the district for testing upon completion of both levels one and two and will be required to go to Indianapolis for testing.

As a church, we are not the ultimate authority on ministry credentialing. For a full explanation of the AG’s criteria for credentialing please refer to the Bylaws of the AG General Council Constitution and Bylaws, starting on Page 44.
(Attach File)

Can I advertise CSOM to my congregation?

Yes, and we would love to help! We created a Media Packet available for download with all of the resources that you will need to promote CSOM to your church. Contact us here.

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