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Calvary School of Ministry is a Calvary-Operated program that gives individuals the opportunity for an affordable and practical way to pursue the educational requirements for credentialing, it is also for those who would like to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and for those who would like more understanding in specific areas of ministry. CSOM gives you the freedom to have an at-home study and at the end of the course, come together with fellow students for a day of learning and community.

Ministerial Studies Diploma

This program is designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective and compassionate minister. By completing the program's three levels, you will be able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your congregation and work towards achieving your goal of becoming a minister in the church.

Successful completion of the Ministerial Studies Program should prepare the student for credentialing interviews and tests. The student will have mastered the basic Bible content (Old and New Testaments), theological principles, and practical ministry skills for service in a church leadership position. Please note: Ministerial credentials are issued by The General Council of the Assemblies of God, not by Global University. This program provides academic training, not ministerial recognition.

Audit a Course

Would you like to grow in your knowledge of the Bible? Anyone can by auditing a current course. Auditing does not permit testing or student recognition, auditor will be lended curriculum to use during CSOM Saturday and dismissed before the final exam, book will need to be handed to instructor upon departure.


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